Pricing Experts

What do we offer differently?



Is it better quality? Faster or guaranteed delivery? Better after sales support? The assurance to have a replacement item always available in your warehouse? All these are important for your customers and can be priced!


Not sure if you should do a bundle of your products or you should offer versions of it or an add-on? We are here to help you taking the best decision.


Few of our learnings:

  • Extreme Aversion: in a Good-Better-Best segmentation, the demand will be over-expressed with the “middle” option.
  • Order Bias: adding a new version at a higher price significantly improves profits by shifting customers’ preferences towards higher priced versions.
  • Versioning price structures work better with demand heterogeneity along a dominant dimension and can work with minimal sales support while Add-on price structures work better with highly heterogeneous demand and sales support.
  • Bundle the paid (price) & un-bundle the gain (discounts/savings):



We will determine who your target market is, where are your products on their lifecycle, who are the competitors, what is the best segmentation strategy for your line of products or services and what is the best pricing strategy so you will not leave money on the table, neither overcharge your customers.